Herbal Tea Variety Pack

SPECIAL ITEM! This item does not come in a box. It is sold as 14 lose servings of herbal tea (2 of each flavor we offer).

Our Herbal Tea Variety Pack is a perfect choice to sample all the herbal, caffeine-free tea Cusa Tea has to offer. You will receive two servings of each of our herbal teas.

Serving Size: 10-14oz. cup of tea


Servings Included: 14 servings total:

  • Everyday Wellness (2 servings)
  • Immune Boost (2 servings)
  • Deep Doze (2 servings)
  • Slim Savvy (2 servings)
  • Mellow Movement (2 servings)
  • Blueberry Chrysanthemum (2 servings)
  • Rose Ginger (2 servings)


Simply tear open the tea-stick, pour it into an empty 10-14oz cup, add water, and stir/mix/swirl to dissolve. To make iced tea, add cold water and ice after mixing. You can never over-steep this tea.

You will get a perfect cup every time.


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