Free (+Shipping) Sample Pack

Sample Pack Option

SPECIAL ITEM: Samples are full servings, and they are free. You pay for shipping and handling only, which covers shipping, material costs and the time it takes to pack each one up! 

Shipping applies even if you order other products, and even if your cart otherwise qualifies for free shipping.

Also included is a 50% discount coupon for your first order from our website, should you decide to purchase! It will discount all boxes, 10-packs, mugs and apparel, but doesn't apply to bulk items or bundles.

We have five options:

  • Coffee Sample Pack ($3.15 shipping and handling): Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Vanilla Dark Roast and Lemon Dark Roast
  • Caffeine Tea Sample Pack ($3.75 shipping and handling): Organic English Breakfast, Organic Green Tea, Organic Oolong, Lemon Black Tea, Mango Green Tea, Spicy Chai and Peach Green Tea
  • Herbal Tea Sample Pack ($3.75 shipping and handling): Everyday Wellness, Deep Doze, Slim Savvy, Mellow Movement, Immune Boost, Blueberry Chrysanthemum and Rose Ginger
  • Both Tea Sample Packs ($6.49 shipping and handling): Get the Caffeine Tea Sample Pack and the Herbal Tea Sample Pack bundled together
  • Tea & Coffee Sample Packs ($9.95 shipping and handling): Get the Coffee Sample Pack, Caffeine Tea Sample Pack and Herbal Tea Sample Pack bundled together

Already a customer? No problem! If you are interested in trying flavors you haven't tasted yet, these samplers are a great way to do just that.

LIMIT: One sample pack per type, per customer - this is a lifetime limit. Please order a Variety Pack from any of our lines if you want to try them again.

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