Medium Roast Coffee


Enjoy Premium Cold-Brew Coffee in seconds!

Made with high-elevation 100% Arabica beans from a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee plantation that practices fully regenerative agriculture and organic farming practices.

Perfect for an iced afternoon beverage or hot morning cup o' Joe, this coffee is also perfect for on-the-go! It contains zero grams of sugar, no preservatives and no ingredients besides coffee beans. 

To make the perfect cup of coffee, simply tear open the coffee-stick, pour it into an empty cup or bottle, add 6-10oz. water or milk of any temperature. It mixes iced or hot in seconds!

Use more or less water to make your coffee weaker or stronger. You cannot "over-brew" - you will get a perfect cup every time!

Serving Size: 6-10oz. cup of coffee

Caffeine Content: 110mg per serving

Servings per Box: 7

Ingredients: 100% high-elevation Arabica beans

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100% Arabica Coffee


Cusa Coffee is made using 100% high elevation Arabica coffee beans. A coffee plantation that is high in elevation is beneficial because it enhances the flavor of the coffee beans. It's also known to be higher quality and contain more rich, complex flavors. Our coffee plantation is also a fully regenerative agriculture plantation that is Rainforest Alliance Certified™.


An avid traveler and outdoorsman, Jim Cusa Tea & Coffee's Founder, was frustrated with lack of taste and quality of existing instant tea and coffee products. They are traditionally made using high-heat or extreme cold dehydration techniques that strip the flavor, aroma and health benefits of their ingredients. So, he decided to try something new! After months of trial, error and even utter failure, he finally figured out how to adapt gentle botanical extraction technology for beverages. Using cold-brewing and evaporative dehydration, he created instant coffee and tea that tastes like a fresh brewed cup, without the bitter and burnt taste typically associated with instant drinks. This technology now has over 30 patents and has won four championship medals for taste, proving that you can finally have taste, quality and convenience all in one little packet!

Listen as Jim explains more about the story behind Cusa Coffee:

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Product image
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- Patented cold-brew technology

- High elevation 100% Arabica beans

- Mix ICED or HOT

- Rainforest Alliance Certified™ source of beans

- Regenerative agriculture coffee plantation

- Zero pesticides or chemicals


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

"The high-definition aroma was better than the Starbucks, featuring notes of cocoa and nuts. The coffee’s taste was also rich, robust, and tasted like it just came out of a drip coffee machine, not an instant coffee sachet. It lacked any bitter notes and was the best of the test by a long shot.”

- Jon Jay, Ski Magazine Digital Editor