Vacuum Insulated, Double-Walled Camper Mug (blue, 12oz)

The perfect companion to your Cusa Tea! Our 12oz double-walled vacuum insulated travel mug will insulate your hot beverages for up to 8 hours and your cold beverages for 16 hours.

This mug comes with a clear acrylic push-on lid with swivel closure, a handle, and powder coated finish.

The copper plating on the inner wall of this mug provides an extra line of defense against temperature transfer. Heat escapes much slower so your hot tea stays hot even in a snow storm, and heat enters much slower so your ice tea doesn't melt even under a blistering summer sun. On average, copper vacuum insulation can make a difference of up to 9°F (5°C) over the course of 24 hours.

This stainless steel mug can be used at home, work, the gym, for sports, in your car, at the beach, for camping, hiking - just about anywhere!


  • height: 3.9"
  • width: 3.5: (without handle)
  • hot: 8 hours
  • cold: 16 hours

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