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Our free box program was so popular, we've hit our limit and had to end it, but don't despair! There are still two great ways to try our tea.

1. Get a Sample Pack

To ensure anyone has a chance to try Cusa Tea for free, we've set up a sample program so you can try all six Cusa Tea flavors for FREE (you will need to cover $2.65 in shipping and handling, but the tea is free). You also get a 50% off coupon for our website, so you can save on your first order, as well as a BOGO coupon so you can save at the store.

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2. Get a BOGO retail coupon!










Click below to sign up for a retail Buy One, Get One coupon. You'll get a BOGO coupon that is good at most stores that sell Cusa Tea (we'll provide a list with the coupon). We also include BOGO coupons in our sample pack (above).

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