Ingredients / Taste

Are your teas sugar-free?
How do Peach Green Tea and Mango Green Tea have zero calories or sugar if they have real mango and real peach in them?
Does your tea have caffeine?
Which flavor has the most caffeine?
Which flavor has the least caffeine?
Is Cusa Tea certified kosher?
Why don’t all Cusa Teas have “Certified Organic” on the package?
Does Cusa Tea contain gluten?
The tea is too weak or too strong. Did I do something wrong?
Is your tea oxidized?
Do your teas contains antioxidants, EGCG or active ingredients?
Do your teas dissolve in cold water?
Can I drink Cusa Tea on a Keto or Paleo diet?
Is this tea good for fasting? Does is suppress appetite?

Ordering / Buying Online

How do I sign in to my account or manage my subscription?
Can I buy Cusa Tea in bulk?
Why am I being charged for shipping if the sample pack is free?
Why won’t my promo code work for a bulk pack of tea?

Packaging / Technology / Source

Is your packaging recyclable?
How do you get instant tea to taste like a fresh cup?
Where is Cusa Tea made?

Still Have Questions?