How Cusa Tea Has Won Four Global Tea Championship Medals

September 19, 2019

Cusa Tea is the proud owner of a small but growing collection of awards. To date, we've won a Naturally Boulder Pitch Slam second-place prize, a BizWest Innovation Quotient first-place award, and four Global Tea Championship medals.

While we're proud of all our awards, the Global Tea Championship awards put the icing on the proverbial green tea cake for us. They speak to the fact that we're so much more than a tea made for convenience. We also offer exceptional taste.

What Is the Global Tea Championship?

First and foremost, the Global Tea Championship is an independent competition. It's goal is to distinguish the highest quality and best tasting teas commercially available globally.

The results are fair and impartial because they are judged by tea professionals - specifically, tea sommeliers - in blind taste-testings. The competition is open to any commercially sold tea in the world.

How Teas Are Judged

Three to five judges are selected based on their reputation, professionalism and extensive experience cupping teas. These teas sommeliers are not paid for judging and can only serve in six consecutive competitions.

When tasting the teas, judges look for color, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and overall harmony. The ratings of each of these characteristics are used to calculate an overall numerical value on a 100-point scale, and from that winners are determined by rank in their categories.

That means that even though a tea might win a medal in a specific category, it's score is everything. If an instant tea scores higher than a bagged or loose leaf tea, for instance, that's a big deal!

How Cusa Tea Did

We have submitted our teas to the Global Tea Championship awards over the past two years and won either a silver or bronze medal for four of them.

Mango Green Tea: Silver
Organic English Breakfast Tea: Silver
Organic Green Tea: Bronze
Peach Green Tea: Bronze

Here is a collection of our favorite comments from the judges:

  • "nice sweet aroma"
  • "fresh mango flavor"
  • "bright in color"
  • "clear - does not contain any particles or degrees of haziness"
  • "ingredients are not fighting each other and work well together"
  • "the tea is divine"
  • "an excellent all around tea that you just cannot stop drinking"
  • "tea far exceeds expectations"

But What Does It All Mean?

When it comes to scoring, all of our teas scored in the "above average" range, beating out loose leaf and bagged teas that got lower scores.

That means that when you have a cup of refreshing iced or steaming hot Cusa Tea, you're not just drinking an instant tea. You're drinking a world-class cup of tea, made a bit easier than your normal brew. You're drinking a tea that has scored better than loose leaf and bagged teas in a global tea competition, ranking above average when put on an international scale.

Perhaps it's our unique, patented technology. Perhaps it's the fact that we use the top five percent quality tea leaves in the world. Maybe it's just the TLC that goes into our organic teas and the close relationships we have with our farmers.

Whatever it is, it makes one amazing cup of tea.

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