Cusa Tea: Antioxidant Powerhouse

April 03, 2020

When we set out to develop Cusa Tea, our main goal was to offer a great-tasting premium instant tea that tastes like a fresh cup of loose-leaf tea, without sugars, preservatives, additives or fillers - just real tea, herbs, fruit and spices.

Our patented gentle cold-brew process achieves all that, and something more. It actually concentrates the tea polyphenols, or antioxidants, in our tea! In fact, our teas boast about 5-6 times the amount of antioxidants you'll find in a serving of loose leaf tea, making them both tasty and beneficial.

What does that mean? It means that although a serving of premium loose-leaf green tea leaves contains about 60mg of antioxidants, that's no match for the whopping 360mg per serving you'll find in Cusa Tea's Organic Green Tea.

The same goes for all of our green and black teas - they each have well over the average amount of antioxidants per serving, making them both beneficial and tasty. This article dives deeper into why that high concentration of tea polyphenols is so helpful.


It's no surprise green tea is one of the most popular and widely consumed tea beverages in the world. This powerful tea contains polyphenolic (antioxidant) compounds, also known as green tea catechins (GTCs). These compounds are what make this tea so beneficial. In recent decades, GTCs have been reported to provide health benefits against numerous diseases.[1] They're also known to have antitumor, antioxidative and antimicrobial properties.[1] 

Benefits of Catechins (GTC)

Many of you may have heard of something called an EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate). This component is one of the five types of catechins in GTCs. EGCG makes up approximately 59% of the total polyphenols in green tea, which is why it's known as the superhero of catechins.[1] 

GTCs, especially EGCG, have been known to have antitumorigenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, anti-proliferative, antibacterial and antiviral effects.[2] These findings suggest that green tea is a powerful tool to help support your body before, during and after you catch a cold or flu. It's also known to help inhibit the viruses that cause influenza type A and B.[1] 


Benefits of Cusa Tea's Organic Green Tea

At Cusa Tea, there are never any sugars, preservatives or additives in our products. We also use a triple-filtration system, which helps eliminate heavy metals, toxins and mold commonly found in tea.

We created a new evaporative dehydration process that helps maintain the taste, flavor and health benefits of our tea. We capture the beneficial qualities of all the tea, fruit, herbs and spices we use without degrading the quality of their flavors. Normally green tea only contains 60mg of polyphenols per serving, but we have 360mg of polyphenols per serving. That's 6 times the average amount!

In addition to all this goodness, green tea is hydrating. The more liquids you can drink, the more likely your immune system can handle any cold, flu or virus that crosses your path.

Jim, Cusa Tea's Founder, on green tea's benefits

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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